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After the bloom

After the bloom Released essence of self fulfilled potential varied within Waiting for the one right current To lift and carry away Spent parent plant let’s go Trusts the winds wild mind And child’s insistence of ready How far will… Continue Reading →


I’ve always loved the last line in The Lorax. “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing will get better. It’s not.” There’s hope in this line and there’s desperation too. I feel that right now as I… Continue Reading →

The Words He Said

Words matter, they heal wounds and dig scars they puncture and protect they call attention and curse. Words cannot undo injustice, they cannot breathe a new breath they cannot give back what was stolen they cannot revive what is gone…. Continue Reading →

Nurturing Creativity

The word nurturing conjures up images of mother’s with babies in arms, or nurses by sick beds. While these are real images of what it means to nurture, I wanted to explore what the word means with regards to creativity…. Continue Reading →

Who listens when I speak

I can hear the wind when I’m in the forest, but I can’t hear it out in the open. It doesn’t bank against anything, it doesn’t rustle leaves or knock twigs together. In the open it just goes where it… Continue Reading →

What Breaks My Heart?

“What breaks my heart?” This is the question Andy Stanley challenged his church to think about and answer in his recent video series. My answer to this question is all over the place. Children who are sick and not receiving… Continue Reading →

Creation or Replication?

Am I just replicating what has already been made? Can anything new really be created? Why bother when there is so much already out there? I would have to say, because my attempts at re-creating the divinely inspired creation is… Continue Reading →

What Makes Us Create?

Why do you create something? What inspires you to build, to model, to make new? I believe we were created. We were sculpted. We were formed. We were put together out of inspiration and love. We were made in the… Continue Reading →

Teach to Create

Creativity is one of the 4 C’s of 21st century education. What is creativity and can you teach it? I aim to uncover this gem, this coveted spark, this enigma of mental processes and how to tap into it, use… Continue Reading →

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